Live 19th April


"You've just come at the right time. We're having a bit of a party. Do you like... you know what?"

Some people claim their music can heal you of your ailments. Some people describe their music as entertainment. Those are bold and dangerous claims. Instead, thee aesthetic shadow engineers of Thee Brutalist House invite you to partake in an event that will both nourish you and make you feel slightly uncomfortable in your own skin. Served up with an extra large portion of dry ice, ritualistic grooves, minimalist complexity, and divine chaos.

Because mental IS healthy and chaos is holy and noise is a healer and minimalism leaves room for the listener. Brutalism as in music as a mechanism for something divine. Repetition as ritual. Smoke and mirrors as instruments for invocations. 

Disability is a failure of the established order to provide for the whole of society and the freaks will inherit the earth. Difference as a tool for survival. Mutate, escape, survive. Music as news feed. Music as nourishment. Musick as medicine:

Performance therapy from exuberant Mad Pride troubadours The Ceramic Hobs. They did it their ways. And they still do!

Raw, fragile, ritualistic pop aestheticism with Vukovar, conjuring vast sonic landscapes out of the bare bones of an ultra-minimalistic Post-Punk. With glimpses of the magickal power of Coil. 

Unpredictable drone and bass-heavy grooves from The Mekano Set.

Dead Radio DJs will play a mix of deep cuts: left-field outrider nourishment, novelty records, answerphone messages and 1960s TV theme tunes. 

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